Thanks For Not Killing My Son English Literature Essay

Thanks For Not Killing My Son English Literature Essay

With hundreds of newspaper publications printed everyday, television, and Internet, you might ask yourself why do you need to read a short essay published in a college English book. Well, I decided to tell you the true story about this short essay. More importantly, I will tell you why you should read it. The essay Thanks for Not Killing My Son by Rita Schindler stands out from the crowd because it is emotionally intense, abundant in visual sentences, and very thought provoking.
First, Rita Schindler combines attention-getter with persuasion technique in just 38 lines, each of them delivering full-impact feelings, making this essay intense and effective. The title is written in a way that immediately catches your attention. Thanks for Not Killing My Son its not a form to express gratitude to someone, but is instead used as irony. The constant repetition of the thank you will make you wonder at the mothers non-violent response to her sons beating, and also builds emotion in the end. However, by the end of the essay, when the mothers thanking becomes a pattern you begin to understand the patience and compassion of a loving parent. Using implied fright through the entire essay, Schindler creates another kind of emotion for the reader. When she says …thank you for this eyesight, his hearing and his hands which you could have easily crushed. (Schindler 8), you may think that a similar attack can really affect you or someone you care about. The whole argument raises to a climax in the final point, which suggests the ultimate loss to parents, the death of a child. When the author says, You could have kicked him to death, but you only left him to die. Thank you. (Schindler 11) she alludes to what might well have resulted from the actions of the attackers. However, by the time you finish reading this essay, itll reveal to you a final emotion; she leaves death to the end, since its a thought she would not like to ever contemplate or experience (Schindler 11, 12).
Secondly, you will find this essay abundant in visual sentences, making this another effective way to grab your attention. As soon as you start reading this essay, I can assure you that youll realize how powerful those visual sentences are, and you dont have to read too much. He was left lying in a pool of blood from an open head wound (Schindler 3) is the beginning of the third paragraph and reflects immediately the ferocity of the attack. Moreover, its not just the brutality of the attack itself, but the cruelty of leaving someone unconscious lying on a park alley in the middle of December. Reading more, you realize that this idea of using visual sentences becomes more frightening because the author has used specific examples of actual events instead of talking in general about the nature of violence (Schindler 5, 6, 7, 9).
Finally, the essay is very thought-provoking and it raises many questions for you to think about. Since the attack against his authors son happened …sometime between 1.30 p.m., Dec. 8, and 1 a.m., Dec. 9,…in the Victoria Park-Terraview area, the first thought that will cross your mind will be about the sense of security and law enforcement on the streets of Toronto. You can think about this when you read this sentence: …when his friends were talking about revenge, I heard him say, No, I dont want someone elses mother to go through mine has (Schindler 10). Our society needs to change the way we enforce the law, so revenge should not be our concern. The essay is also relevant to our times because it makes you think about todays parental guidance related to street violence. Apparently, you may say that is no connection between those two, but when Five guys and two girls …beat one person definitely shows that parental guidance was not effective in this case. Any parent must exercise constant guidance and attention to their kids, and you can found this idea in the last sentence of the essay: I hope that someday youll have children and love them as much as I love mine- but I wouldnt wish on your child what you did to mine. (Schindler 13).
In conclusion, reading Thanks for Not Killing My Son you will discover an emotionally intense, full of visual sentences, and thought-provoking essay. Giving you those reasons to read Rita Schindlers essay, lets make an effort and prove that the following rhymes from a well known song are wrong, and we can change our amazing world that we are live in. Theres somethin wrong with the world today. I dont know what it is. Somethings wrong with our eyes. / Were seeing things in a different way, and God knows it aint His. It sure aint no surprise. Were livin on the edge. [1]Â

Art Appreciation Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays – 750 words – 3

Art Appreciation – Essay Example

A spiral design can be seen throughout the work. The spiral design was used by the artist with a view of presenting perseverance. The artist seems to have found a number of examples regarding the spiral design as petroglyphs, which is common to many tribes. Each tree surface is covered using images as well as text, which chronicle the Indians history. Regarding the themes of each tree, they seem to be presented roughly in a chronological order. Tree One is the starting point of the artwork and it depicts imagery mainly from Ancestral Puebloans (Denver Art Museum). This comes out as a way of representing ancient times. Tree Two, on the other hand, shows the history of Bent’s Fort. It further explores the themes of coexistence. This exploration is specifically the relationships that are based on trade between the various nations presented. Bent’s Fort has a tepee and shows the existence of a close relationship between the tribes and Fort. On this tree, question marks are indicated in reverse form. These marks indicate the impression of the non-existence of peaceful trade relationships (Denver Art Museum). Tree Three deals with the tribes of Cheyenne and Arapaho. These two tribes occupied the eastern side of Colorado. Besides, two historic massacres that point to the destructive effect of the United States Amy as well as the expansion of railroad on the native people. The tracks, in this case, are read in terms of the railway’s wounds approaching the native communities.

Module 3 Principles of Human Resources using Performance Appraisals Essay

Module 3 Principles of Human Resources using Performance Appraisals – Essay Example

Appraisals also identify the below-par performers who then may be subjected to counseling or punitive action such as pay cuts, demotions or in the extreme case dismissal or decreases in pay.

The necessity of performance appraisals is a debated issue. While on one hand a number of authors feel that it is one aspect of corporate organizations that creates significant hindrance to effective management of human resources (Derven, 1990), authors like Lawrie (1990) feel it to be indespensible and possibly one of the most crucial aspects of organizational management. The fundamental reason behind opinions spread over both ends of the spectrum is that these are based upon observations about successes and failures of appraisals in engendering warranted results. I believe that it is not the action of evaluating employees through appraisals but rather the manner in which these are administered that leads to such different results.

The necessity of performance appraisals is intricately tied to the objectives and policies of the organization. For organizations that believe in generating employee loyalty and try and minimize employee turnovers performance appraisals can play a very important role. Further, appraisals offer the opportunity to focusing on activities and objectives, to locate and cure problems found to be existing, and thereby to provide encouragement for better performances in future. This, effectively done can thus improve the aggregative performance of the whole organization.

The appraisals also embody the opportunity mutual recognition and agreement of individual training and development needs. Discussion of any workers performance can beyond argument establish lack or abundance of skills which otherwise in a generic voting situation or centralized meeting situation cannot become clear. So, performance appraisals can definitely establish the necessity of training as well as the

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